Pam Franklin – Artist

Rich, decorative and simply impossible to pass by, Pam Franklin’s work is indebted to a historical language.

An interplay between the traditional and contemporary, Pam juxtaposes references to the Old Masters with scenes of domesticity. Steeped in historical references, these paintings bring together old and new, inviting the viewer to question the spaces we live in and reference their own nostalgic memories. Using traditional structures that hint at Renaissance altarpieces, Pam’s work is above all a celebration of colour and form, contrasting space and light with intricate patterned details.

If you click on the images below you can view some of Pam's work.

pam's background



 1996 Coventry University Master of Fine Art

1993 Winchester School of Art, Post Graduate Diploma History of Art and Design

1981 Norwich School of Art Bachelor of Art Graphics and Illustration

1978 Harrow School of Art Foundation


2015 Art in Action Oxford

2015 Set of prints for Wild Thyme Restaurant

2014 Art in Action Oxford

2013 Exhibition Potato Town

2011 Halcyon Art Jericho Oxford

2011 In The Detail Potato Town

2009 Asthall Manor Oxon

2008 Pam Franklin In Detail St Anne’s Oxford

2007 Duns Tew Manor Oxon

2006 QI Oxford

2005 Art London Mazower Calvert

2003 Bruton Street Gallery London

2000 Oxford Gallery

2000 Bruton Street Gallery London

1999 Bruton Street Gallery London